Australian Visa

An Australian visa is a requirement for any person wishing to enter Australia who is not an Australian citizen or a New Zealander. Applying and being granted with an Australian PR visa will give you certain rights in Australia.

We are specialists in the following types of Australia visa application:

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Categorized as temporary, provisional or permanent, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) grants all these visa to Australia. With hundreds of visa subclasses each with its own score program, have you applied for the correct one? Are you eligible? If you have already applied, what have you done? Are you certain you have not supplied information which may run contrary to your eligibility criteria?

Successful, fast-track processing can only be achieved when documentary requirements and supporting evidences relevant to your application are presented in a manner which promotes the authority’s review and approval.

If you have plans to move to Australia, our immigration consultants and specialists are professional, specially trained to advice, administer and legally represent applicants for successful application. At NTRUST, we provide a front-to-end service for interested applicants.

Whether your intention to migrate is related to your skills, the partner migration program, retirement, business, student or quite simply that you wish to permanently settle there, NTRUST is your first stop for reasonably priced, honest, efficient and professional immigration services.

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