Important Australia Immigration Update

Australia Immigration Update - Australia Visa ApplicationThe 2017-18 fiscal year has yet to begin, but a number of changes on the Australian visa application process will take its effectivity today, 19th April 2017.

Sure, Australia welcomes thousands of skilled migrants yearly. However, in the effort to protect Australian citizens’ employment opportunities, revisions on the occupation lists and immigration process are being set.

Revised Occupation List

Effective 19th April 2017, the previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is now replaced to Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) is now called Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). Occupations which are listed in a legislative instrument containing two schedules are only the approved jobs for use under permanent and temporary skilled visa programmes.

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Oversupply of Medical Practitioners in Australia for 2017

Australia Migration - Medical Practitioners

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has confirmed that Australia has now enough supply of medical practitioners to meet its long-term needs. Alongside, AMA, in a Federal Government Review of the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), informed that all medical occupations should be taken out of the SOL.

SOL is a list of occupations used by potential migrants seeking to nominate skilled jobs in the basis of submitting Australian permanent residency application or temporary skilled migration. Further to the review, AMA saw a surge in the supply of medical graduates in the past decades that can fill in the available positions in the workforce.

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Australia Migration: It’s Not All About What You Just Know

Australia Visa Application - Consultation
Australia Visa application
has been always strictly defined by many complexities and confusions when talking about legislation. Rules and regulations are being updated from time to time. What may be applicable now, may not be applicable for the following weeks or months. It would be helpful to conduct a thorough research about the immigration process.

It is not about what you just only know, but what you still need to know…

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Australia Migration: Employment Challenges for Middle Eastern Migrants

Australia Migration Agency in Singapore - Middle Eastern Migrant

Compared to European and Asian immigrants, unemployed migrants from Middle East and North Africa are three times higher during their first five years of settlement in Australia.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that Middle Eastern migrant’s 33 per cent jobless rate is six times higher than the national average.

Islamic migration experts have put the blame on employers who reject applications when found job seekers are named “Mohammad” and/or women wearing hijabs.

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Applying for Australian PR after Graduation

Australia PR Application - Professional Lady

Congratulations! You’ve now obtained an Australian Bachelor’s degree and thinking of applying for a Permanent Residency (PR). After investing hundreds of hours studying and thousands of dollars, the big question now is…do you qualify for an Australian PR?

The fact remains that a large percentage of onshore graduates have pursued their courses in Australia with the hope of being able to apply for PR, but many will be disappointed to learn that they fall short of eligibility criteria!

Whether you’re intending to study or about to complete your studies in Australia, this article is of no relevance if you intend to return to your home country to embark on your career. However, if you had the intention of applying after graduating or have simply fallen in love with Australia whilst studying and now wish to live and work here, read on…

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Why Australian Engineers Struggle to Find Jobs

Australia Migration Agency Singapore - Employment Application

Kenan Toker, an Australian graduated with an engineering degree specialising in power generation, struggled to find a job. “A lot of electrical power infrastructure around Sydney needs to be replaced over the next 10 or 15 years. That was a big part of me choosing that field. But there seem to be very few opportunities available,” Toker said in an interview.

After spending a lot of time searching for his chosen field, he then landed on a job as a software design and coding. He even said that he had subjects about software during his degree, but it was not something that he expected to be doing.

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Australian Visa Application: Changes to the Definition of Family Unit

Australian Visa Application - Family Unit

Some Australian visa application allow potential migrants to include family members in the process under the Member of the Family Unit (MoFu) arrangements. The definition of the MoFu, however, has changed effective since 19th November 2016.

The changes to the Definition of Family Unit will apply to some provisional and temporary visa, and permanent visa subclasses. This changes is in line with the Department of Immigration and Border protection’s (DIBP) goal of making the family members who will be included in the visa application more consistent with arrangements available to Australian citizens and permanent residents wanting to bring family members to Australia.

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Jobs Flagged for Potential Removal from Australia’s Skilled Occupation List

Australia Skilled Migration - Australia Migration Agency in Singapore The Skilled Occupation List (SOL), occupations that would benefit skilled migrants, is being reviewed annually by the Department of Education and Training for the purpose of meeting the skill needs of the Australian economy. Further to the review, 52 occupations were flagged for future removal on the SOL.

According to the department, occupations are being marked for removal when the number of supply is greater than the number of demand.

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LinkedIn Released Most Sought After Job Skills in Australia

Migrating to Australia - Job OpportunitiesAustralia has been creating a lot of jobs in the past years, both for citizens and migrants.

Based on the research conducted by LinkedIn, the skills in demand by the Australian employers are changing promptly. The Australian head of LinkedIn Cliff Rosenberg said that the technology disruption is behind the change.

As part of the research conducted, LinkedIn detailed what skills currently have the highest demand from employers across the Australia.

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