Reasons People are Migrating to Australia

Migrate to Australia - Family Migration

Thousands of families are migrating to Australia year after year, and some have disclosed their reasons to us for doing so; better career opportunity, better education system for their children and improved quality family life were some of the reasons cited.

Quality universities in Singapore, for example, will cost families a fortune. For some who have younger children, being able to be with their kids most of the time without sacrificing their (hectic) work schedule is a continuous dilemma, both for locals and non-locals. Nevertheless, most think that they can get the life they are dreaming about for their family in Australia.

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You May Get a Visa Refusal

Australian Visa Application - Migrating to AustraliaSure, every year, the Department of Home Affairs in accepts thousands of Australian visa application from Singapore and all over the world, especially for skilled migration programme. Some receive positive outcome, while some cases will be rejected.

Applications with innocent mistakes, inconsistencies in the information and misunderstanding with the criteria, will certainly be denied. And just because you were denied once, doesn’t mean you can easily lodge application again in the future. To avoid wasting thousands of dollars and preventing you from getting your Australian visa, you might want to consider the following advice below:

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Skilled Migration: Still a Good Year for Accountants, Engineers and IT Professionals

2017-18 Occupation Ceilings

Occupation Ceilings for 2017-18 Program year has been released, carrying a good news for Accountants, Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineers. For this fiscal year, significant higher ceilings are given for the abovementioned occupations.

Prior to the beginning of the 2017-18 fiscal year, the government announced that the Australia’s permanent migration programme for this program year will remain stable at a ceiling of 190,000 intakes despite the abolition of the 457 visa and removal of some occupations on the list.

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Changes That May Affect Skills Eligibility

Breaking News: 1st of July 2017

Australia Immigration Update

An updated skilled occupation lists has just been released and takes effect today, being the start of Australia’s new Fiscal year 2017-18. This list was finalized after the authorities evaluated jobs in shorter supply and the long-term needs of the economy.

Below is a summary of these changes:

MLTSSL – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (*highly sought after skills)
STSOL – Short-term Skilled Occupation List (*less sought after skills)

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Australia Becoming More Popular For Asian Migrants

Asians in Australia

The 2016 Australia Census shows Australia is now becoming more Asian than European.

The statement was supported by data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that despite England and New Zealand remained the most common birthplaces after Australia, the number of people born in China and India increased compared from 2011 census. The Philippines swapped positions with Italy, moving from the 8th place to 6th. Moreover, Malaysia is now appearing in the top 10, representing 0.6% of the Australian population.

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Australian Visa Application: Can you make the cut?

Australia Visa Application - Migrate to Australia

Permanent Residency (PR) or Australian visa application is more than just filling out application forms and submitting documentations; it is a very demanding process that requires patience and the ability to cope up with the ever-changing regulations all at the same time.

Australia, just like about any other country across the globe, constrains immigration laws in order for the government to remain in control of the surface of the economy.

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