Immigration Overview

Information on applying for Permanent Residency and Work Visa to Australia.

Date:      2nd May 2018, Wednesday
Time:     7pm – 9pm
Venue:   NTRUST Singapore Office
              803 King George’s Avenue #02-176
              Singapore 200803
              Near Lavender MRT station EW11  (Exit B)(3-minute walk)
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Australia Immigration: Common Misconceptions:

  • Life in Australia is more relaxed and the pay is higher.
  • Things in Australia are cheaper than here.
  • Work is so stressful and I’m getting nowhere in my present job. I want to get out of here and Australia seems like a nice place to migrate to.
  • If I have money, I can always migrate to Australia when I’m ready to retire there. After all, jobs are hard to find and taxes are high.
  • My relatives, friends and colleagues can easily guide me through the process because they applied themselves and succeeded previously.
  • The migration requirements are really not so hard to understand. Anyone who is prepared to take the time to research and try can succeed.
  • It is always cheaper to apply for a PR putting an application by yourself.
  • It is a waste of money to engage an agency/specialist to apply for a PR to Australia.
  • From reading forums and the government website about the requirements, it appears I’m past the age limit. Since I clearly do not qualify, I should give up trying.
  • I can get a work visa first then apply for a job in Australia.
  • I must work in my nominated occupation when I’m in Australia.
  • My current company is prepared to sponsor me on a work visa, thereafter I can always apply for a PR once I’m there.
  • I can apply PR for myself first then later on apply for my spouse and children.
  • Soon after being granted a PR I must get ready migrate to Australia. 
  • If I’m an Australian PR, I must go live in Australia 2 out of 5 years.
  • I must live continuously in Australia once I become Australian PR.
  • Once I’m a PR I’ll always be able to migrate to Australia anytime.
  • I must pay tax in Australia once I become an Australian PR.

Australia Migration Agency Singapore Seminar

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