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“Migrating to Australia from Singapore with NTRUST as our partner was easy!…”

– SK Tan, Professional Investor
Are you a working professional presently residing in Singapore looking for a Registered Australia Migration Agency?

NTRUST is Singapore’s first specialised Australian migration agency. With over 18 years Australian Immigration Expertise in Singapore, our depth of experience is unmatched. Through our migration services, we have helped thousands of individuals and families obtain an Australian Permanent Residency (PR) status so they can relocate and start their new lives down under permanently.

NTRUST’s approach towards Australian Immigration gives our clients an edge over others for their migrating needs. That’s because our team of Registered Migration Specialists are allocated based on our client’s occupational skill set and choice of settlement. We succeed where others fail, simply because of our unparalleled experience and intimate knowledge in dealing with the specific Australian skills assessment and state government authorities. So whether you are a skilled worker or a family looking to migrate to Australia permanently, the sound advice provided by our experienced team can help immensely with your relocation. Consider your agent or service provider’s track record and independent reviews,and you will notice the difference when you pay to attend a professional consultation session.

Migrating to another country can be a challenging process. When engaging the services of an immigration agency, it is important to research thoroughly, attend a seminar and schedule a professional consultation with the agent. To make your immigration process smoother, your representatives should be knowledgeable, efficient and charge reasonable fees for their services.

Relocating to Australia? Embark on your journey with just these 3 steps:

1. Register and attend NTRUST’s monthly seminars to increase your knowledge about the requirements on how to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere

2. Schedule a consultation session to be professionally assessed and understand how to apply your unique criteria to the specific (changing) migration requirements and

3. Appointing NTRUST will assure you that your visa application will be in the best of hands for all your immigration needs.

To determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere, complete our free online assessment, register online for our seminar or contact us +65 6299 0245 to schedule an appointment.


To find out more about migration to Australia from Singapore, register for our up-coming Singapore webinar.
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Date: 20th October 2021, Wednesday – REGISTRATION OPEN
Time: 7pm – 8:30pm
Note: Session via Zoom and by Invitation only. Kindly SEND us your updated CV and fill out our online assessment to be invited.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Ntrust. The whole process from filling up the online assessment to being invited is easy, prompt and smooth. The webinar was informative and easy to understand. The speaker was clear in his presentation and I have to say I enjoyed it and it helped me to understand the immigration scene a lot better.

– P. Wong, Senior Marketing Specialist

Good webinar presentation. Being online means that I can attend it in the comfort of my own home. Highly recommended!

– F. Chua, Chemical Engineer

My friend referred me to Ntrust’s webinar and their one-to-one online consultation. No hassle in joining the webinar at all. Relevant and up-to-date information. Staff was efficient in assisting me on scheduling a consultation. Glad I took my friend’s advice.

– R. Illagan, Director

Attended a webinar last month and scheduled a personal online consultation. Consultant was very detailed and evaluated me and my spouse’s criteria thoroughly. Didn’t realize that I had so many misconceptions on the application process. So glad I paid for a professional consultation.

– S. Yeong, Software Engineer

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It is dependent on the type of visa you’re applying for if you’re moving to Australia. However, if it’s for the general skilled migration program, fees include: main applicant: $4,115, secondary applicant: $2,060, below $18: $1,030, state: $300-$1000.

Whereas the occupation assessment entails: authority assessment: $500-$1000, English examination: $300-$395. And miscellaneous fees such as police and clearance certificates.

Such are indications of government fees, and you can expect that professional charges should replicate it accordingly depending on complexity and amount of work to be involved. Changes to government fees may occur every 1st of July.

The ideal applicant should meet requirements like: working in an occupation that’s in demand in Australia, be aged 25-44, possess good English language skills, holds a diploma, degree or relevant education cert, and have medium to long work experience in a similar field.

Other factors like having a family member in Australia will entitle you to bonus points. However, as certain visas require certain criteria to be met, it’s best to check carefully before applying.

Online job portals, adverts in newspapers and magazines, and international recruitment agencies offer an excellent head start to land a new job.

Otherwise, if you’re worried about being unfamiliar with new, foreign surroundings when moving, NTRUST can help alleviate your concerns and offer assistance in the job search. In fact, NTRUST offers settlement services to help individuals secure jobs as well as in other areas like banking, school, accommodation, home movers, and taxation.

Migration agencies can be a key mover in easing the relocation process by assisting in managing immigration-related paperwork and representing you whenever necessary.

This includes completing visa application form(s), submitting and dealing with the relevant government departments on your behalf, putting together supporting information and documentation for the application(s), and giving professional advice.

All in all, an experienced migration agency can even help increase the chances of relocating and securing an Australia visa application.

Actually mane people are thinking that immigration questions should be answered straight to the point. If they are unaware that their eligibilities may be compromised as a result of how immigration looks at ones application, doing the wrong thing and giving too much incorrect/non-relevant information can compromised eligibility. A good registered Australia migration agency would know how to represent your case in the strongest possible manner.

The later you start, the later you take to complete your application. But as an indication, it may take 2-3 months or it can take 20-230 months.

Meanwhile, you can view the current processing times for specific visa subclasses as the duration may change over time.

The truth is the best time to apply and migrate to Australia from Singapore was last year, two years ago, four years ago. It will never be as easy as it was before. NTRUST’s has anticipated that the Australia Immigration process will just get tougher as years pass. While NTRUST understands that no one’s ever prepared for any circumstance such as this COVID-19 situation, but NTRUST believes that it is always better to be pro-active rather than reactive.

NTRUST, works against the uncertainties; NTRUST provides tailored professional advice to each and every family they are assisting.

Whatever is happening globally is still uncertain. When will they be opening? Everyone has no idea. Has they stop accepting application? There may be delays, but they have not stopped accepting applications for now. What should you do? We, at NTRUST, always believe in the concept of “just in case”, where we all need to be resilient and understand to doing what we should do not when we badly need them the most, but because we wanted to be ready and to secure ourselves from further setbacks.

Regional areas are defined as any other outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Under which circumstance it is impossible to consider metropolitan cities like Adelaide, Perth or even Hobart as being regional. This is the concept that people has to understand. In fact, it can be the opposite if you actually consider the major cities are these represent the overcrowded, overpopulated, and over congested parts which are un-Australia by way of its lifestyle.