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“Migrating to Australia from Singapore with NTRUST as our partner was easy!…”

– SK Tan, Professional Investor
Are you a working professional presently residing in Singapore looking for a Registered Australia Migration Agency?

NTRUST is Singapore’s first specialist Australian migration agency. With over 18 years Australian Immigration Expertise in Singapore, our depth of experience is unmatched. We have helped thousands obtain an Australian Permanent Residency (PR) status.

NTRUST’s approach towards Australia Immigration gives our clients an edge over others because our team of Registered Migration Specialists are allocated on the basis of our client’s occupational skill set and choice of settlement. We succeed, where others fail simply because of our intimate knowledge and unparalleled experience dealing with the specific Australian skills assessment and state government authorities. Consider your service provider’s track record and independent reviews and you’ll notice the difference when you pay to attend a professional consultation session.

When engaging an immigration agency, it is important to research thoroughly, attend a seminar and schedule for a professional consultant. Your representatives should be knowledgeable, efficient and their fees reasonable.

Embark on your 3 step future to Australia today:

1. Register and attend NTRUST’s monthly seminars to increase your knowledge about requirements on how to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere

2. Schedule a consultation session to be professionally assessed and understand how to apply your unique criteria to the specific (changing) requirements and

3. Appointing NTRUST will assure you that your visa application will be in the best of hands.

To determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere, complete our free online assessment, register online for our seminar or ring +65 6299 0245 to schedule an appointment.


To find out more about migration to Australia from Singapore, register for our up-coming Singapore webinar.
Australia Migration Agency Singapore Seminar


Date: 17th May 2021, Monday – REGISTRATION OPEN
Time: 7pm – 8:30pm
Note: Session via Zoom and by Invitation only. Kindly SEND us your updated CV and fill out our online assessment to be invited.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Ntrust. The whole process from filling up the online assessment to being invited is easy, prompt and smooth. The webinar was informative and easy to understand. The speaker was clear in his presentation and I have to say I enjoyed it and it helped me to understand the immigration scene a lot better.

– P. Wong, Senior Marketing Specialist

Good webinar presentation. Being online means that I can attend it in the comfort of my own home. Highly recommended!

– F. Chua, Chemical Engineer

My friend referred me to Ntrust’s webinar and their one-to-one online consultation. No hassle in joining the webinar at all. Relevant and up-to-date information. Staff was efficient in assisting me on scheduling a consultation. Glad I took my friend’s advice.

– R. Illagan, Director

Attended a webinar last month and scheduled a personal online consultation. Consultant was very detailed and evaluated me and my spouse’s criteria thoroughly. Didn’t realize that I had so many misconceptions on the application process. So glad I paid for a professional consultation.

– S. Yeong, Software Engineer

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Our main goal is to make our clients satisfied. Read our clients' testimonials.

Every step was well-handled!

NTRUST is a good migration agent just like what other people mentioned in their reviews. They enjoy a good reputation and is based in Singapore. I am very satisfied with their service. From the seminar, to the consultation until my Australian permanent visa was approved, every step was well-handled!

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