Why Choose NTRUST?

Established in 2003, NTRUST (Company Registration No.: 200303573M) is Singapore’s first registered Australia migration agency with vast experience on Australian Permanent Residency (PR) applications. With our professional advice and representation, we have helped thousands of locals and foreigners migrate to Australia from Singapore. We exist to take the complexity and work out of your application, from the very start all the way until your visa is approved and seeing your family happily settled in Australia.

Meet Our Team

Using our 6-eye approach, NTRUST exists to guide you from the consultation until your visa is approved no matter how complex your application is. We advocate in favour of our clients criteria, presenting all casework in the strongest possible manner. We understand that our clients need a more permanent solution…so we don’t just provide temporary solutions.

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Consultation Team

We are always on top of the Immigration rules and regulation changes when we provide initial advise. Our professional consultation, not a sales-pitch session, will allow you to make fully-informed decisions at all times.

Documentation Team

We always ensure that only relevant verifiable supporting documents are to be submitted to evidence all your claims for your application. We provide templates and guidance to perfect each document.

Registered Agents/Legal Team

With NTRUST, your case will be represented and advocated by only a registered Australia migration agent all throughout the application process.

How We Work?

We provide comprehensive immigration help services to Australia which must begin with a consultation.

  1. You enjoy one point of contact
  2. A Reputable Establishment Physically Based in Singapore with a well-staffed office to support the paperwork and large clientele
  3. Friendly, personalized assistance up to visa grant (Detailed, tailored documentation checklist)
  4. Abide by the Code of Conduct (Honest advice & forward strategies during consultations)
  5. Personal Interest-free loan provided.
  6. Commitment to One Purpose – YOUR VISA OUTCOME!

If however, you simply wish to know your chances of an Australian PR visa, you should complete our Free Online Assessment or attend our Singapore Seminar to find out the general procedures and the current immigration situation in Australia.