What to Know about Australian Visa Application?

An Australian visa details the legal status a person’s purpose in entering Australia. Benefits, rights and privileges depend on the type of visa held.

Like the citizens of most other countries, Singaporeans also need to undergo Australian visa application even for a short visit.

If you are holding a Permanent Visa, you will be considered as an Australian PR (Permanent Resident) which would let you reside, work, study and migrate to Australia without restriction. A permanent resident has most of the rights and entitlements of an Australian citizen, except that a PR cannot vote and hold a position in the government (in most cases) and military.

Below are some of the benefits of permanent Australia visa holders:

  1. Legal right of entry to remain indefinitely in Australia
  2. Full work rights – no work restrictions/limitations
  3. Access to public education (Highly subsidized)
  4. Access of medical services (Highly subsidized)
  5. Social Security (Including unemployment income support payments)

How to Apply

There are different Australian visas and NTRUST, as your registered migration agent in Singapore, specialises in permanent residency applications.

  1. Skilled Migration
  2. Family Migration (Partner, Parent, Child, Relative, Carer)
  3. Business Migration
  4. Resident Return Visa (PR Renewal)
  5. Work Visa
  6. Student Visa
  7. Guardian Visa

Categorized as Temporary, Provisional or Permanent, the Department of Home Affairs grants all of these. It is very important to keep in mind that the process of applying for permanent visa is much more complex compared to simply applying for a tourist visa. The outcome of a permanent Australian visa application will depend on the applicant’s eligibility and the manner in which the application is handled.

Take note that there are hundreds of visa subclasses each with its own score program. If you plan to apply for one, you need to ask yourself these questions: “Am I really eligible? What is the best visa for my current qualifications?” If you have already applied, what have you done? Are you certain you have not supplied information which may run contrary to your eligibility criteria?

Comprehensive Visa Assessment

We provide assistance for all kinds of Australian visa application. Whether your intention is just to work or permanently settle in Australia, let NTRUST ensure your expectations will not be mismatched. Let us know your concerns and get advice from our immigration professionals for may be one of the most important decisions in your lifetime!

To schedule an appointment, call us at +65 6299 0245 for a personalised full discussion of your application for Australian visa.