What does the consultation cover?

By looking at your present chances to migrate to Australia from Singapore, you will receive professional advice about the Australian immigration requirements and procedures from our experienced Immigration Consultants, including application options, timeline, fees involved and all other information related to your personal circumstance.

As all applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis,  we wish to reiterate that professional fees and timeline can only be fully discussed during the consultation, depending on the complexity and eligibility of your case.  

The following areas are covered in the consultation session:

  1. Visa Options — Permanent, Temporary and Subclasses
  2. State Sponsorship Availability
  3. Getting state sponsorship for my application — Is it required?
  4. Is PR required to have a job in Australia?
  5. English test requirement — Type of Test and Required Scores
  6. Migrating to Australia from Singapore as a family unit
  7. Investing in properties or a business as PR
  8. PR Renewal after being granted
  9. Addressing health and character issues
  10. Migration agency fees and PR application total cost
  11. Australian PR application timeline
  12. …and all other points related to Australia immigration.

As regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority(MARA), we will be upfront if you don’t qualify, but more importantly, we will explore other ways for you to qualify in the future.

Alternatively, you may complete our free online assessment form to get an initial assessment of your eligibility or attend our Singapore Seminar for an overview of the immigration process.

Payment for Consultation:


pay now and know your eligibility in migrating to Australia