Looking to Apply for PR in Australia from Singapore?

There are various ways on how to apply for PR in Australia. And with hundreds of visa subclasses, it could be very difficult which one to choose and apply for. So how would you know which is the best for you?

Migrating to Australia from Singapore or from elsewhere is a complex legal process, a successful outcome will often depend on the applicant’s eligibility and the manner in which the application is handled.”

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements on how to apply for PR in Australia will depend on the visa subclass on which you qualify under.

For applicants pursuing Australia PR application from Singapore, the most popular visa program that many are applying for, both locals and foreigners, is the Skilled Migration Program. In this program, a successful application in most cases, will enable the visa grant (and his/her family) to live and work in Australia as a PR.

If you want to apply for a visa for a member of your family (Parent, Child, Partner, Sibling or Relative), you may consider your options under Family Migration Programs.

If you are planning to invest and start a business in Australia, applying for Business Migration will be your main choice. To some extent, this will also let the business visa holder become Australian PR.

If you are already a holder of PR for Australia who needs to renew an expiring visa, you will be required to apply for a Resident Return Visa.

Processing Times

The waiting period for Australian PR application mainly depends on the type of visa class you are applying for. But, in most cases, the process may take 4-12 months for applicants who qualify under the General Skilled Migration Program.

Application Fees

As a Registered Migration Agency, NTRUST can act on your behalf for your visa application for which we charge a professional fee. The costs will vary depending on which visa type you apply for, and may also vary depending on the complexity of your casework. During your initial consultation with us, our consultant will provide a complete costing of the professional and third-party fees.


Information on how to apply for PR in Australia from Singapore or anywhere else for a step-by-step process can only be detailed during the consultation because no two cases are exactly the same. Applicants often have different procedures depending on eligibility. You may call our office for a schedule of comprehensive visa assessment.

When should you apply?

The decision to migrate should never be taken lightly. Take time to ponder and discuss your plans, especially with immediate family members. However, whilst you deliberate, we urge you to consider these uncontrollable and often unforeseeable factors:

  • The ever-tightening and changing immigration rules and criteria
  • Changes to your employment/business situation
  • Changes to your personal circumstances, health and character
  • Age requirement and other critical legislative factors
  • Australia’s demand and the supply of specific skills

If you are wondering “…what should I apply for and when should I start?”, our advise is “Apply for WHAT you qualify, WHEN you qualify!”. Do it well, do it once…do not do it again! You will need to understand not only how to apply but how NOT to apply.

Steps on How to Apply for PR in Australia

To let us help you proceed, start with any of the 3 options listed below:

Schedule A Consultation (Highly Recommended)

You may call our office at +65 6299 0245 to book for an appointment and to know more on how to apply for PR in Australia. Right from the start, our consultant will evaluate your eligibility and provide you with all the information needed including all options, procedures, time-lines, costings, and answer all questions related to any unique circumstance you may encounter.

As a fully registered immigration specialist, NTRUST can assist with IELTS Preparation, Migration Skills Assessment, State Sponsorship/Nomination, Job Reference Letters, Report Templates, Expression of Interest (EOI), and preparation of all legal submissions. Should you decide to use NTRUST as your agent, we will take charge of your casework from the start in the most cost-effective and competent manner.

Attend Our Migration Seminar

We conduct monthly seminars that provides the public with a general overview of the whole Australian immigration process. To learn more, please visit our Singapore Seminar page.

Get A FREE Assessment

If you wish to find out whether you are (or a member of your family) is qualified for migration to Australia, you may complete our Free Online Assessment. Our consultant will be happy to evaluate your chances based on the information that you will provide us.