An Open Letter from One of our Successful Clients in Western Australia

Western Australia Day
Hi Everyone! Today, we celebrate Western Australia Day!

We are happy to say that Western Australia is one the best places to be locked down during the COVID-19 crisis.

It serves as a reminder that we, West Australians, have one of the most pristine surroundings with clear air, clear water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and seafood. For as Far as we know, Australia has always been a country with full of natural resources that’s exemplified in the anthem of the country itself. This land is truly rich in every possible gift God can give to mankind, specifically for Western Australia. 

Not to mention that it is one of the safest places now as well, with businesses and lives getting back to normal now.  COVID-19 has now reinforced and help to gather the very fabric of Western Australia, which is the state is probably one of the safest places to be in the entire world at this point in time, with the capital city free from all natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanos, storm with damaging winds where infrastructures can be damaged turns out no more than something that the state emergency services can manage constantly. No doubt those living in the regions, especially people who rely on agriculture, suffer immensely whenever there is rough weathers are part and parcel of a farmer’s life wherever you may be.

For the vast majority of us living in the regions surrounding the cities, we enjoy one of the best weathers in the world, one of the best climatic conditions, from tropical to getting immensely temperate, and yet we are able to take advantage of all the fresh produce the land can offer.

A lot of people complain that the city of Perth is slow moving and very laid back. We want to challenge that notion and say if you really want to go that fast, where are you really headed towards? There are many people living in big cities experiencing a fast and vibrant lifestyle, but stress causes a lot of health related illness is also inevitable.

If you don’t want that kind of lifestyle and if you value your health that much, Western Australia is the place, as we experience a lifestyle that is fast-paced as we want it to be, and yet we are able to enjoy our lives here.

Therefore, there’s no place we would rather be than in Perth. We would like to take the opportunity to greet my fallow Western Australians a Happy WA day, but also to encourage anyone of you thinking of relocating to consider that despite that fact that it is considered as a regional city by way of its definition, it still has all of the splendours to offer: great food, dining opportunity (admits covid), great weather, friendly people and vast spaces and home.

To be locked up in an apartment, it can go claustrophobic as it can be, where people getting out of control because of the anxiety of staying in a small place. It’s not that other places are not good to live in or you should not live in wherever you are now, but if you can make it to Australia and you have the eligibility criteria to apply for an Australian Permanent Resident visa, why not come and why not live in Western Australia?

Happy Western Australia Day, once again!

Migrating to Australia: Why I think Western Australia is best?

Why I think Western Australia is best?

I’m often asked why I chose to live in Western Australia and not the more popular and ‘attractive’ eastern states. Having a Skilled Independent visa, I could live and work anywhere in Australia, but the following reasons justify why going where everyone else goes is not always the best choice.

For one, living in one of the world’s more isolated cities make it easier for the local government to shut the state down during a global pandemic, just like the one we are presently experiencing. To give the government credit, this strategy actually worked and we’ve experienced several days now with ZERO new coronavirus cases.

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INSIGHT: Life in Regional Australia

INSIGHT: Life in Regional Australia

An old local living in the outback once told me that ‘’…money is only a part of life, you’ll live nicely with lots of money but here, life’s not that bad even if you have only a little… “he followed up quickly saying, “work too is only a part of life here…if you have to work, that’s part of life but if you don’t have to work, you’ll definitely have more life!”…Although he said these with a wink, I believe there is some truth.

If you’re living in Asia and contemplating moving to Australia, the ideal choice of location is typically Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane…Why? Many will say it’s because of increased work opportunities. However, as surely as there are more jobs in these big cities, you might want to consider, that along with more jobs comes more competition; and this not only for jobs but also schools, property, space and generally, the stress of living in a more crowded place.

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Australia Immigration: Transitioning Into Another New Decade

Australia Immigration - New Year Resolution
The past decade has been a rollercoaster ride for Australia Immigration programme – a decade full of ups and downs – that it feels like a diverse period in history. The 2010s have brought so many developments, and at the same time political and social struggles that have made it a very turbulent decade, especially to those contemplating to migrate across to Australia.

We can easily put the blame to the authorities, making it more difficult for aspiring migrants to penetrate, but somehow thanks to them as well for redefining policies and regulations, still giving migration opportunities to us rather than nothing.

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Australia Immigration: How Will You Stand Out?

Australian Dream Life
NTRUST has been assisting thousands of families since 2003 migrating to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere, thus, we have seen drastic changes with the immigration rules and regulations. Truth be told, many families now are feeling hesitant to pursue their Australian dream life because of the uncertainties surrounding the immigration policies. Is the golden age of Australia migration really gone?

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More Opportunities for International Students

More Opportunities for International Students.

More opportunities for International Students.

Perth and Canberra now belongs to Regional Cities!

The definition of regional Australia is changing – at least for migration purposes. Starting today, new definitions will apply to a range of Australian cities and regional zones, with impacts on visa processing, skilled migration and international education opportunities.

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Migration Program intake increased from 23,000 to 25,000

Migration Updates: Migration Program intake increased from 23,000 to 25,000

More and more opportunities for the Skilled Migrants and International Students.

After the initial success of the federal government’s initiative, they’ve decided to increase the allocation for regional places in their immigration scheme for this year from 23,000 to 25,000. Aside from that, Perth and Gold Coast will no longer classify as major cities in an effort to make them destinations for Skilled Migrants and International Students.

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WA announces new Graduate Stream Criteria for State Nomination

Migration Updates: WA announces new Graduate Stream Criteria for State Nomination

The state nomination migration program Graduate stream will be more accessible for international students very sooner who study in Western Australia with new Graduate Occupation List to be available before December 2019 invitation round.

Premier Mark McGowan recently announced that the Graduate Stream of the SNMP will be extended to include vocational education and training (VET) graduates who complete a qualification in Western Australia at Certificate III level or above, excluding trade occupations (unless approved for delivery to international students).

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