Improvements on the Australia’s Unemployment Rate

job application formThe good news is the Australia’s unemployment rate has defied economists’ predictions that unemployment rate would reach the 5.9% rate from the 5.8% in the month of February.

The total number of people landing jobs had risen by 26,100 beating the market expectations of a rise of 20,000. Based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics report, the unemployment rate in March is 5.7%, which is the lowest rate since September 2013.

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Don’t Get Caught Out: Choosing the Right Australia Migration Agency

consulting a professionalWhen thinking about migrating to Australia, people can be a bit hesitant or uncertain due to some factors. Major considerations can be the lack of budget for the entire process, anxious with the thought of going out of their comfort zone, or simply because they are not one hundred percent ready to migrate. Immigration requirement wise, some find achieving the English proficiency standard so daunting, people may think that their current employment won’t match the Australian standards, or afraid that they might reach the maximum age limit along the process.

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The Dad, His Family and their PERTH-fect Life

living-in-australiaAlthough I like to sleep, I am generally a light sleeper. By that, I mean I am awaken easily by movements and noises. Having moved to Perth however, my bedroom faces the public road. I sleep next to window in the front of the house and about 10 metres from the public road. However, I am eternally thankful that I have never had better sleep where I am than I have ever had in my entire life!

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Australia to Learn Important Lessons from Asian Countries

australia-skyscraperThe Australian population is consistently increasing and is set to hit the roof from more than 24 million today to 40 million by 2060. Aside from the economic crunch they are working on at the moment, Australia is also looking for ideas, which can help them manage the environmental and social impacts of rapid population growth in the years to come.

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Considering Australia for your Educational Needs

student-in-a-libraryMost international students choose Australia as the perfect destination for them to either continue their studies or gain a higher level of qualification. It is certain that Australia is the ideal place for education purposes. With 43 accredited universities, two of which are international universities and one private specialty university, you can surely get the most out of your education needs. What makes this even more interesting if you are planning to pursue your studies in Australia is you have the chance to apply for a permanent resident visa after two years of study.

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NAB Survey Revealed Australia is the Best Choice

busselton-australiaInternationally, Australia has always been preferred as one of the most liveable places all over the world. And with the recent survey conducted by the National Australia Bank (NAB) into living standards, 99% of the Australians seems to believe that their country is certainly the best place to be. This can possibly be one of the reasons people internationally are planning to migrate to Australia.

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Improving the Other Sector of the Australian Economy: Trade

streets-in-sydneyAccording to an interview, Steven Ciobo, Australia’s new trade minister said there is more to Australia than just commodities.

Replacing the former trade and investment minister Andrew Robb, Steven Ciobo is more than just dedicated to reinforce a couple of key messages pertaining to focusing on the services side of the economy. On an interview with Ciobo, he said that Australia is not just about resources and energy. He added that the services side represents 70 to 80 percent of the economy, however, only 20 percent of the country’s export.

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Australian Population is Constantly Increasing

australian-populationIt is not surprising that Australian population just reached 24 million. Based on the figures, the number of people migrating to Australia has the biggest part for 54% population increase last year.

Last Tuesday, Australia population ticked over to 24 million and more than half of that growth is because of the unstoppable growth of new migrants.

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English Language: Why is it Important for Australia Immigration?

reading-a-book (1)Studying, working and living in an English speaking country will be a challenge if you are unable to communicate. However brilliant your ideas may be will not matter if you cannot be understood. To enjoy the work-life balance Australia has to offer, a good command of the language is a necessity. Also, however skillful you may be, you cannot be put to good use in the economy if you do not have the ability to communicate.

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Are You Healthy Enough for your Australian Visa?

Business executives handshaking after striking a business deal

Migrants applying for Australian Permanent Residential Visas are required to undergo medical assessment. Failure to meet the health criteria will most certainly result in a visa refusal.

Unlike a tourist or social visit visa, many permanent, provisional and temporary visa applicants, such as those applying to emigrate, study, work, do business, join family or loved ones who will have to undergo a full body medical examination, including a chest x-ray, blood and urine test.

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