Is Australia Immigration still Cancelled for 2021?

Migrate to Australia from Singapore
With the goal to safeguard Australian citizens and residents first in acquiring economic support during the pandemic, it’s going to be 12 months now when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had encouraged not just visitors, but international student to go back to their home countries during a press conference on COVID update.

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How Australia Deals with the Pandemic?

How Australia Handles Pandemic - Migrate to Australia from Singapore Now

We’re only left with 4 months until the end of the current financial year.

Moving forward to 1st July 2021, and with the current situation of borders still being closed, the target is still onshore applicants. With the fear that people from overseas may spread the virus again, they have announced the extension of strict border closure until June. Whatever happens after June is still uncertain — if the situation goes on like this, the State is left with no choice, and the Department of Home Affairs is also left with no choice.

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What Migrants say About Australia?

Australia Day
Migrants still plays the bigger part in the population growth of Australia. Just in 2019, 7.5 million migrants are noted to be living in Australia where those born in England remains the largest migrant group, not to mention the growing number of migrants from Asia.

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The only reason China hasn’t destroyed Australia yet.

Shocking statistics: How much of Australia does China own? From land to airports, China’s controlling interest in Australian resources is on the rise.

There is a famous anecdote attributed to everyone from Woodrow Wilson to Winston Churchill but which is really just a dirty old joke.

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Uncertainties Surrounding Australia Immigration

Man thinking about Australia Immigration

“The idea is if people just have information, then they will make the rational choice. And that’s just wrong.” – DAMON CENTOLA

With the current global uncertainties, many are faced with challenging decisions to make in life. Questions like – How’s my family’s future with this kind of situation? Shall we consider pushing our Australia migration plans? What if this COVID never ends? Will I still be employed for the next few months? – during this unprecedented times are quite common, especially for foreigners whose residential status in a country are unstable.

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Just in Time vs Just in Case

Migrate to Australia Just in Case vs Just in Time

While there are decisions we find so easy, like what to wear on a special occasion, there are still many decisions we find very difficult to deal with, especially if we are putting into consideration our future and the betterment of our family.

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