Australia Permanent Resident Application Points – What you Need to Know?

Australia Permanent Resident Application Checklist
Am I claiming enough points? Have I claimed the right points for each component? What other extra points should I claim for my Australia Permanent Resident application? A few of the questions most Do-It-Yourself applicants ask. Some may even assume that the higher points they claim, the higher their chance of getting an approval. Most of the time, people are claiming points that they are not eligible for, which results in a refusal.

With hundreds and thousands of applications submitted every year, the competition is getting tougher; each and every one wants to stand out from the rest of the applicants, claiming unnecessary or ineligible points. While you can be prioritized over applications with lower scores, be reminded of obtaining enough verifiable supporting documents to prove the points you are claiming.

Here are some of the common mistakes people commit when claiming points:

  1. English Language Proficiency

People tend to mistakenly use the overall score when claiming points for the English Language. All four components in IELTS: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking – must be taken into consideration when claiming English Language Proficient. For example, if you scored 6 in Listening and Writing, and 7 in Reading and 7 in Speaking, then you can only claim Competent Level of English (10 points) instead of Proficient English (10 points).

  1. Points for Employment

Many are confused when claiming employment points. Definitely, you will need to determine whether your occupation is in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Once determined and did not find exact occupation, know if your occupation is closely related, being in the same unit group. Number or work experience must be claimed with verifiable supporting documents. Lastly, you can only claim points for employment after you were deemed suitable qualified, usually after completing your degree or diploma.

  1. Points for Qualification

Many are not aware that Universities, regardless of which part of the world you are, are assessed on three sections. For example, a top-notch university in Singapore is in Section 1 of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), while small institutions are in Section 2 of the AQF where you Bachelor’s Degree will only be deemed equivalent to Australian Diploma or depending on per country requirement. Basically, you need to understand the AQF to know if you are claiming the right points for your qualification.

These are only a few of the common mistakes most of us commit when claiming points for Australia PR Application. With NTRUST, we will guide you accordingly all throughout your application, from the moment you seek professional advice from us until we receive the result of your visa application. Book an appointment by calling +65 6299 0245.  

No One Ever Said it Would be Easy

Migrate to Australia Decision
Australia, for the past years, has been considered a nation of immigrants. With great lifestyle and career advancements available, the country has benefited as much from the number of migrants who have contributed in the economic prosperity.

Truth be told, Australia immigration process will never be as easy as it was five to eight years ago. In fact, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has introduced several changes to Australian visas on the first quarter of the year. These changes may impact a wide range of applicants opting for work, partner or even the permanent resident visas. Some major changes announced in March relate to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme, where some occupations have been removed from the list. Also, a new list called Regional Occupation List (ROL) has been introduced, which is relevant for the subclass 489 visa applications.

Timing is Everything

After the major changes with the immigration rules and regulations, migrating to Australia from Singapore or from anywhere else is by no means guaranteed. And when we say timing, we are not to convince you that Australia immigration is the best thing for you. Thus, we will only assess your eligibility based on your present circumstances and against the immigration rules and regulations. As what we always tell to our clients, you must seize the opportunity when it is still available. You’ll never know, or we will never know until when you will be eligible. At the end of the day, every decision is from the immigration authorities.

What We Do?

As the most established Registered Australia Migration Agent, NTRUST is regulated to just be upfront in all the professional advice we provide. During your consultation appointment, you will know whether you will be eligible or not. You’ll be provided application options on how you can get your Australian visa. The immigration process is tedious; one mistake and all your effort will go to waste. We are devoted to represent and advocate your application to the best that we can. Be mindful of companies who are unlawful pretending to have migration agents. Always check the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) website to ensure you are only dealing with registered authorities.

We do all types of Australian Visa Application. Call us at +65 6299 0245 to book a professional appointment.

Apply for an Australian Visa… Only if you are Qualified

Australia Permanent Resident Application - Contact us
Migrating to Australia is quite tedious. Before jumping into the process, you need to thoroughly research about your eligibility criteria. When you start reading online, information for different types of visa to apply for can get very overwhelming. We always reiterate to our clients that no application is similar to another, thus, doing your application based on your friends or relatives’ submission is not recommended. The timeline, including the procedure and documents needed, vary on a case-by-case basis. Make sure that when doing research, all of these are covered not to miss any important detail that can harm your submission.

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Reasons People are Migrating to Australia

Migrate to Australia - Family Migration

Thousands of families are migrating to Australia year after year, and some have disclosed their reasons to us for doing so; better career opportunity, better education system for their children and improved quality family life were some of the reasons cited.

Quality universities in Singapore, for example, will cost families a fortune. For some who have younger children, being able to be with their kids most of the time without sacrificing their (hectic) work schedule is a continuous dilemma, both for locals and non-locals. Nevertheless, most think that they can get the life they are dreaming about for their family in Australia.

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You May Get a Visa Refusal

Australian Visa Application - Migrating to AustraliaSure, every year, the Department of Home Affairs in accepts thousands of Australian visa application from Singapore and all over the world, especially for skilled migration programme. Some receive positive outcome, while some cases will be rejected.

Applications with innocent mistakes, inconsistencies in the information and misunderstanding with the criteria, will certainly be denied. And just because you were denied once, doesn’t mean you can easily lodge application again in the future. To avoid wasting thousands of dollars and preventing you from getting your Australian visa, you might want to consider the following advice below:

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