Racism in Australia And Its Effect On Immigration

Racism in Australia and Its Effect On Immigration
A country is made of its people. These people could be natives of that country or immigrants. Immigration is a great way of strengthening a country in terms of talent and service. Immigrants help in meeting the demographic’s needs of a country. However, there are varied concerns around immigration such as racism, congested commutes, costlier housing and a fear of handling a multicultural society due to which immigration becomes a matter of deeper ambivalence.

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Australia PR Application is Getting Tougher: So What?

Australia PR Application - Rules and Regulation
It is no doubt that Australia Immigration rules and regulations are getting tougher each year. Come new fiscal year and whatever the results of the national election going to be, we are still expecting some changes to happen in its immigration legislative.

While it may seem like impossible for you now to penetrate into the nation already as an Australian Permanent Resident (PR), we beg to disagree.

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Australia Immigration: What you should know?

Australia Immigration - 2019 Changes
The new fiscal year in Australia is yet to begin, but a number of Immigration rules and regulation changes are already out. Truth be told, but it is really not easy now as opposed to processing your application four to six years ago.

While Australia has been welcoming thousands of migrants each year, the government conducts yearly reviews of its legislation to address both population growth and Australian citizens’ employability rate. It may impress upon that the nation is making it tougher and tougher for people wanting to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere to penetrate, but immigration specialists such as NTRUST advocates in favour of your criteria, providing not just temporary solutions.

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Australia Immigration Update: Changes to the Points System

The current points system will be revised and will take effect in November 2019

It will introduce a revised points system for the subclass 491 visa as well as existing General Skilled Migration (489,189,190) visas. Points will be given for attributes that are linked with the applicant’s ability to make the greatest economic contribution, keeping the main purpose of the skilled migration programme — to maximise the economic benefits of migration to Australia and to only approved high caliber applicants.

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Australia Immigration: Expect the Unexpected

Australia Visa Application - Migrate to Australia
The new fiscal year,2019-2020, has yet to begin and new government officials are unidentified yet, but a number of changes on the Australia Visa Application process have been implemented already.

Certainly, Australia has been welcoming thousands of migrants each year. However, with the goal to address nation’s population growth and to protect Australian citizens’ employability rate as well, revisions such as new Immigration cap, modification of Skilled Occupation Lists, and regular reviews of the regulations are being set by the government, making it more tougher for people planning to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere to meet the criteria.

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Australia Immigration: Highly Sought After Jobs

Migrate to Australia - Professionals
Despite the ever changing rules and regulations with immigration process, the nation has always been providing a lot of job opportunities in the past few years, both for citizens and people who are intending to migrate to Australia; in fact, an alternative pathway to low skilled migrants was recently made available.

According to the report published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, more opportunities in the Healthcare and Social Assistance are projected to increase in the next five years to come. Furthermore, industries such as Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Constructions, Education, Accommodation and Food service have also they fair share of contribution in the employment growth of the nation.

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Australia Immigration: Changes in 2019

Truth be told, Australia immigration rules and regulations are now getting tougher and tougher, making it difficult for people to make to the cut of those qualified to migrate to Australia from Singapore or anywhere else. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is set to revisit visa application programme at least twice each year to ensure that they are only bringing the most qualified migrants into the nation.

Despite the very dynamic changes, DHA is still set to improve its visa programmes, most especially the Skilled migration scheme, to also provide some avenues for migrants to would really want to penetrate the Australia labour market.

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Australia Permanent Residency – 117 Occupations Now Available

Australia Permanent Residency - Skilled Migration
Good news for low skilled migrants, as they are now able to apply for an Australian Permanent Resident visa.

Northern Territory (NT) just opened 117 new job opportunities for skilled migrants. Alongside, NT offered also a pathway to the low skilled migrants a permanent residency pathway, considering that they are willing to work and stay in the regional area for a minimum of three years.

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Your Australia Immigration Specialist

Migrate to Australia - How to Apply Australia PR
Over the past years, immigration rules and regulations have changed drastically, making it challenging nowadays for people to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere. While this is the case, NTRUST, being the most established Australia migration agency in Singapore, remains to be committed to advocating all application.

With a few of the immigration policies being contested in Australian Politics for the past months, such as the plan of migration intake reduction for the next fiscal year , or encouraging migrants to settle in regional areas, there are still several options or pathways available if you are really keen on the process of moving across to Australia.

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