Applying for a work visa to Australia is a very complex process. If there is an employer willing to send and sponsor you to work in Australia, you can apply for a Employer Sponsored visa.


  • Your employer must become an approved sponsor
  • Your employer must nominate you for a position

In some situations, depending on the sponsorship and organisation needs, you may even qualify for permanent residency visa to Australia if:

  • are defined as highly skilled and highly paid
  • your position is not easily filled locally
  • you are a key executive or highly specialised

How to Apply for Work Visa to Australia

Business owners, CEOs and human resource managers have all benefitted from our highly specialized team to take away the complexity of the application, having to deal with the authorities and navigating the paperwork associated with the employer sponsored program.

If you are keen to apply for work visa in Australia, let our consultant guide you through the process and strategize your application in the best possible manner. Please call +65 6299 0245 to schedule an appointment or attend our Singapore Seminar to find out more.

No employer willing to sponsor you in Australia?

If you would like to work in Australia but you do not have an employer willing to sponsor you, you may consider applying under the Skilled Migration program.